How to contribute data

For Lidar data, data contributions should consist of metadata and data.

The first step is to submit your metadata to the Metadata Portal. The metadata can be added to the portal in various ways for example, by importing an existing metadata XML file, creating a new record from a template, duplicating an existing record or harvesting records from other metadata portals. For more details about creating discovery metadata and the metadata elements required or other information about please use their online user guide or email

Once the metadata has been completed the data can be sent for uploading to the remote sensing data portal. The data should be point cloud data (LAS format or in LAZ compressed format) and/or the derived Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM) products as Cloud optimized GeoTIFFs (COG) if possible or GeoTIFF.

Please contact to let them know some data is on its way, its format and size and find out where and how to send your data.

For contributing other types of remotely sensed data please contact